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Office mural

The dead rock stars colouring book

My initial plan was to create a vast mural at one end of the office featuring an array of rock stars chosen by the people located in the general area of the mural. Here's Ziggy Stardust. I inked the initial sketch, added more detail and tidyed it up slighly in Photoshop to remove the smudges.

Mural 2

Inked and tidyed version

Here's the initial rough sketch

Mural 1

Initial sketch

I also had a go a drawing Lemmy. A lot of the comments mentioned that these unfinished illustrations looked like part of a colouring in book...

Mural 3

Inked and tidyed version

...So I decided to keep the mural to just outlines and provide a set of sharpies for the office to colour in

Mural 4

Office pillar

While messing around with images of the Bowie and Lemmy I created this image. I have made a desktop wallpaer which is available for you to download

Mural 5

Photoshop messing

Next project

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