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Creating a logotype and font

This was part of a hack week project to update a logotype so that it worked alongside a logo better than the current font used. My initial plan was to create a logotype to work with an existing logo. The corners of the font were created to exactly match the radius of the corners from within the logo and the weight of the stem to match the width of the logos shapes.

Latin character set

Latin character set

Initially the logo type was all that was required but I decided to create a simple A to Z charachter set. I also Created a version of the logotype in Cyrillic, as shown below.

Cyrillic font detail

Cyrillic detail

And here's part of the limited Cyrillic set produced.fbbfdbfd

Font 1

Cyrillic in action

As the company also worked in China a small amount of charaters were also created. Not the full 40, 000 charachters though.

Font 5

The working Chinese font

And here's some detail of the Chinese characters.

Font 6

Detail of the Chinese font

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