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Friend Mix

Another Audiogum project. Add your friends and mix it up. It's Friend Mix. Paticulary good for BBQ's!

Here I am with all the friends i've added, ready to start a mix. Check it out for iOS or Android.

Friend Mix

All my friends, (acquaintances really)

Each friend takes a selfie then creates a profile by selecting the genres of music they're into and the artists they like.

Select an artist

Selecting an artist spawns new similar artists so you can hone your profile

The mix then starts. The colourful circles on the now playing screen below relate to the number of friends in the current mix.

Friend Mix now playing screen

Social imagery created to show gym buddies having a great time

The best part of the app is the blame button. When the music is good everything is fine but when there's an awful track you want to know who's profile it came from.

The blame button

These are my real friends, such a great evening

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