MixRadio on WP8

A redesign of the Nokia Music WP7 app to reflect the new name of MixRadio and updates to the Windows Phone 8 platform

Music content is shown in a collage mimicking that of a Windows Phone home screens live tiles

Nokia MixRadio WP8 ad

Nokia MixRadio WP8 ad

“Here’s why Nokia MixRadio is the best music service ever”

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The users chosen theme colour is used within the apps interface, reflecting the personalised nature of MixRadio

Nokia MixRadio WP8 panorama

MixRadio panorama and now playing screens

“Nokia MixRadio Is the Easiest Streaming Music Service Yet”


As well as designng the UI global marketing assets were also created

Nokia Mix Radio Haim

Nokia MixRadio, Haim on a Fatboy

“MixRadio is still the best" (Best WIndows Phone app of 2014)

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Subtle changes were required for various territories such as India and China

Nokia Mix Radio Haim

Nokia MixRadio India

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