Chris is the best designer I have worked with.

The elegance of his solutions and the sheer beauty and imagination of his visual design are second to none. Not only that, Chris seems to have a higher clock speed than most people. Even in the most high pressure situations he can turn around the most challenging of tasks with incredible speed.

As a mentor and team lead Chris has an open and collaborative approach that brings out the best in his fellow designers. If you are looking for someone to 'level up' your company's design game, and have a lot of fun in the process, you've found your next hire.

Chris has the ability to work across a range of design disciplines from mobile phone UI and UX through to brand identity projects. His range at Nokia spanned S40, Meego, Windows Phone and Nokia X including projects such as Comes With Music and MixRadio.

He also worked closely with the global Nokia Design leadership on research projects and also with marketing on the branding for MixRadio. I would hire him again instantly and can warmly recommend him for any exciting and demanding design roles.

Chris is probably the best designer that I had the pleasure to work with!

Developers need designs with detailed UI/UX specifications and Chris always made sure that his designs not only looked awesome but were also complete in detail and finished before implementation started.

Chris has a vast expertise in designing apps for the music sector which was very helpful when setting up Jazzed. He worked on some early concepts designs for us and also had a role in creating ideas and concepts of where we could go with the app. I would be happy to work with Chris again.

I worked with Chris for 7 years; firstly at Nokia Music then Microsoft, across mobile, desktop and hardware applications. His contribution to the overall experience through visual design is always innovative whilst maintaining a sensitive approach the needs of the user. He is a systematic, methodical designer and a fun, positive team player. Chris would be an excellent addition to any design team.

Chris is an excellent person to bounce ideas off. With limited information, he can help fill in the gaps, suggest alternatives or rapidly execute on well thought-out UX flows, prototypes or clear, striking visual design. A supportive and respected team leader, he has an agile approach that ensures that the most important customer needs are met in the shortest time.

Chris has a wide range of skills, from working on the detailed UX app flow to finalising the typography. He was confident working with our development team and his visual skills were really useful when creating visuals for our presentations.

The experience and collaborative approach that Chris brings means he can very quickly work with engineers, product managers and others to shape design concepts into a practical reality that can be implemented with speed and quality.

Brilliant imaginative designer who has the ability to capture what the client wants.

Chris was one of the founding team at Audiogum. Leading our design team from initial brand concept through to UX and UI work Chris has always delivered. His work covers our included work on our internal B2B feature apps through to design work with some of the biggest audio / CE brands in the market. Chris has a great strength in acknowledging feedback, the guidelines of customers and then reflecting it into design production.

His attention in creative design, thorough understanding on APP flows and ability to work closely across engineering, product and sales teams making him an asset to any design, product or UX team. Highly recommend Chris, and hope to have the opportunity to work with him again.

Top quality work with attention to detail.

People tend to judge a book by its cover, so the external appearance of a publication like mine is crucial to its success. That’s why I asked Chris to design the cover of my Anniversary Strat book. In addition to being eye-catching, the cover needed to communicate some key messages to a diverse group of readers around the world. It was also important for the design to exhibit a subtle degree of synergy with Fender’s iconic and internationally-known guitar brand.

I’m delighted to say the front and back covers that Chris designed met every single one of my objectives, as well as some I hadn’t even thought of. He even gave his old dad some sound advice on the internal design of the book. Thanks - you nailed it son!

Chris very rapidly prepared mood boards and influences, then sketched out ideas and options for the Audiogum logo. After requesting feedback from the whole team, Chris shaped the logo into something unique and stylish. Once completed, the accompanying brand style guide was a lightweight and effective way of shaping the way the company presented ourselves to the outside world.

Chris opens up the doors of imagination and keeps you firmly aligned to the current project development. He's a great team leader and knows perfectly how to mitigate everyone's taste, letting the team taking their own decisions and responsibilities.

Has admirable experience in UI/UX, Visual Design, Arts and more, probably getting knowledge from the good books coming periodically into his collection.

He will definitely make you love working next to him, sharing pro design tips from his magic hat.

Chris is a very talented graphic designer who works in a variety of mediums and styles. He also used to be half decent at footie and is a fan of visiting strange deprivated areas of Europe beginning with L e.g. Latvia, Lichenstein & Liverpool :-).

Chris took my very plain "designed by developer" app and was able to give it a professional, yet cool nighttime vibe.

Need a designer? This bloke, awesome!!

One of the most capable designers I have had the pleasure to work with! Chris was part of the team that designed Nokia Music, MixRadio. As such I was always proud to demo our products as design flow for them "just worked".

Since meeting Chris at Nokia all of those years ago he has been my go-to recommendation contact for graphics on any contract that I have been on, as well as doing most excellent work on my various private projects. A 10-star artist in a 5-star world!

I had the privilege of working with Chris during my time at Audiogum where Chris was a Design Principal and my direct manager.

During this time Chris proved time and time again his in-depth knowledge and wealth of experience in tackling a wide range of tasks from designing mobile applications and websites to graphic design, illustrations, UX and much more. Chris is an extremely creative person and has the ability to produce a wealth of amazing ideas and solutions for all kinds of design-related tasks.

He is one of the nicest persons I have ever had the opportunity to work with so if you are looking for an experienced senior designer who is a pleasure to work with, don't hesitate to give Chris a call.

It is with pleasure that I recommend Chris Davies of Velvet Skies, he is an exceptional designer. I have worked with him on projects in the Corporate setting (Nokia, Microsoft and MixRadio) as well as for my entrepreneurial ventures. I am immensely impressed with his level of talent, diligence, collaborative work style and his willingness to work on varied projects.

Chris simpy is the true King of Slack.